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Nutrition Services

National School Lunch Week - October 10 - 14, 2016

nutrition services workers

October 10-14, 2016 is National School Lunch Week. Good nutrition enables students to meet their educational and physical potential; however, it’s the caring and dedicated people working tirelessly in our school kitchens, preparing and serving thousands of meals per day, that really make our school lunch programs work.

In honor of our Nutrition Services workers, we are presenting this job classification profile page with information and resources we hope you will find valuable.

The South San Francisco Unified School District has 5 job classifications in the Nutrition Services Department. The Nutrition Services Assistant I employees provide much needed support in quantity preparation and serving of foods at various school sites. As you progress up the job classification ladder, the jobs require an increasing ability to work independently and to oversee and/or direct various food service preparation activities.

If you are interested in pursuing a position within the Nutrition Services Department, please review the job descriptions to identify essential duties and minimum qualifications for these positions.

A ServSafe Food Handlers Certification is required for all Nutrition Services Assistant I positions. A ServSafe Manager Training Certification is required for all Nutrition Services Assistant II positions or higher.


Employee Profile

delores drummond

Delores DrummondWith nearly 22 years of experience working for the South San Francisco Unified School District in the Nutrition Services Department, Delores Drummond is one of our many Nutrition Services workers who have made a commitment to providing our students with nutritious meals. We’ve asked Delores a few questions about her experience with SSFUSD.

Q: What is your role at SSFUSD?
A: I am the Nutrition Services Lead II. I am responsible for managing and providing assistance to the cafeteria staff in preparing a nutritious breakfast and lunch for the students.

Q: What advice do you have for those considering work in nutrition services?
A: My advice to anyone considering working in nutrition services is to be flexible. Also, you must be able to work with your coworkers as a team.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at SSFUSD?
A: In enjoy working with the staff. The students are great. I serve breakfast in the morning to students. We believe that breakfast improves test scores. Serving breakfast is the best part of the day for me.