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05/20/2016 - Attendance Matters Project - Update
Posted 5/20/16

As the 2015-16 school year has come to a close, the Attendance Matters Project attendance study will also be completed soon. The Attendance Matters Project is an innovative year-long, collaborative research study with San Mateo County School Districts, the San Mateo County Office of Education, The Big Lift, and researchers at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Many of our families have received survey information and other correspondence regarding the Attendance Matters Project from the San Mateo County Office of Education. This has helped the researchers to create and deliver helpful messages to parents.

As the study concludes, we want to take the opportunity to inform our families and community members of some of the anticipated remaining steps:

Phone Survey
Please be aware that the Harvard University Research Team will be conducting phone surveys with families in the Kindergarten through 5th grade study to explore various student outcomes, including student attendance, parent beliefs, and academic performance.  The university research team is collaborating with a phone vendor to conduct the survey.  They will dial approximately 10,000 households of K-5 students across SMCOE beginning Tuesday, 5/31.  The survey process expect to conclude by Sunday, 6/5.  All dials will be made with a Bay Area area code and during reasonable daytime hours. In particular, the team will ask questions relevant to the Attendance Matters Project postcards that some parents may have received throughout the school year.  The feedback will help the researchers understand the usefulness of the cards’ content, and will allow them to refine the messaging for future interventions. 

Grades K-5 Mailings
Families included in the K-5 study should have received all their mailings for the year. The final and most recent postcard went out in May.

Grades 6-12 Mailings
The 6-12 study included an “Award” treatment in which students received certificates for perfect and improved attendance in the month of February. Approximately 3,200 students qualified for the Perfect Attendance award, while 2,000 students qualified for an Improved Attendance award. The Harvard team noted the high number of students qualifying for these recognitions.  As a final mailing for this study, several households will receive a postcard. 

The Attendance Matters Team and the South San Francisco Unified School District thank you for your participation in this countywide study!

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